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About Us

About Us

Our department has been continuing its education and training activities since 1994 in order to train qualified professionals equipped with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge required by business life in the field of accounting.

Accounting and Tax Applications program is a 2-year program; In the first year, basic information in the field of accounting, business and law is given, while in the second year, more emphasis is placed on the application aspect of accounting.

In order to graduate from the Accounting and Tax Applications program, students must have a GPA of at least 2.00 and take 120 ECTS. They must also successfully complete a 30-day internship.

Those who successfully complete the program receive an associate degree in accounting and tax applications and graduate with the title of accounting professional staff. Students who wish can transfer to undergraduate programs related to their fields if they are successful in the vertical transfer exam or if they are successful in the university entrance exam again, they can continue in an undergraduate program related to their fields starting from the 3rd grade.

Graduates of the Department of Accounting and Taxation can work as auxiliary professional staff alongside accounting and professional members (SMMM and YMM). In addition, they can work as accounting staff in the accounting units of all kinds of public institutions and organizations, banks, insurance companies, tourism, construction and industrial enterprises.